Our history

The idea was to open an artisan workshop where, at the open-style studio, we create jewels, working with the “lost-wax casting” that belong to goldismiths’ techinque. Our dream is to be able to translate with our hands those visions that appear to our eyes from time to time. This creative-artisan process is, to us, a soul’s nourishment, deeply bound to our real being. The selected material is especially bronze, because our jewels are little sculptures where weight is significant and the warm colour of the metal is adaptable to the object’s emphasis.
Our purpose is to achieve harmonious, curious jewels, that match with the person who choose them. In fact are all tailor-made and entrusted to the costumer. All jewelry are handcrafted with needful time of which artisan work need, where isn’t everything at once. According to Plato, all souls have a “daimon” that helps them to fulfill their destiny, the one assigned to them at the time of birth: our path with the daimon has always been lively, creative, with a noteworthy sensibility for Beauty, for Art. And now, we want to share this passion with you: because for this, the workshop of Simonetta Mazzolini and Benedetto Martino was.

Simonetta Mazzolini

Benedetto Martino

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